Gingerbread: Mandelbrot Music Generator

Gingerbread: Mandelbrot Music Generator 2.0

Gingerbread was originally released as shareware but is now freeware
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Cenobyte Software Design Ltd.

The state-of-the-art in Fractal Music software. Has a very intuitive user interface, easy to use yet capable of creating quite complex works. Using up to 16 instruments at a time, there are many parameters which can be changed through the "mandelbrot browser" windows, a bar laboratory where any and all parameters can be changed at any particular bar (0 - 128) of music. Also features midi file merging, looping wave facility, chording, arpeggios, and image processing whereby RBG values of an image are converted into fractal music parameters. Projects are saved as *.gin files and midi files can be exported.

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